Below have some interesting Links and Files to Download.

Download - SWOS 96/97
PC SWOS 96/97 (15mb)
Brazilian Teams Update 08/2K
SWOS BRASIL's Teams 15/03/2003
How to change all SWOS sounds and Works? I found the answer!
Windows SWOS 1.40 Editor
SWOS Update Network
SWOS 2002

Download - SWOS Stuff
Sensible Soccer 1.1
Sensible Soccer PLUS (Flamengo)
Sensible World Of Soccer SWOS 1.0
Sensible Soccer '98 DEMO
Many Cool Files

Download - Amiga SWOS
Amiga SWOS 95/96
Amiga Emulator
Amiga Emulator ROM (needed to run the emulator)

Download - Etc
MSX Soccer
MSX Match Day II
NES Goal!
PC Football Glory
Many Soccer Games to Download

Play Java Soccer Online! A Full Championship with Sounds! Enjoy!
News about the World of Soccer On-Line 24 Hours!
The Best SWOS Sites Around The World
Great site about Goal! Tournaments, Worth a Visit!