Changing SWOS Sounds

All started when I'm was tired of the old commentary in english that came with the game that not match with the brazilian commetary in now days, that are more funny and nice to play to us here in Brazil.

So I take a look at Sensi Superstar and found This Info. But there said that is impossible to change the commentary on the CD, something that dissapointed me a lot.

But I tried anyway and start to find many errors on that infos, like many sounds that were listed as unused are in fact used. And many were used to other things that were listed, or for two or until three things.

So let's start from the beginning.


- SWOS 96/97 Original CD or CDR FULL.
- GOLD WAVE or SOUND FORGE or another good WAVE editor.
- Learn the basic at least in the software chosen.
- A CD Burner for changing the in-game sound (a CDRW is better!)
- A Cable (Stereo/Mono) to link the TV to your Sound Board (Line-In/Mic-In).
- Lots and Lots of FULL recording from TV of your fave Commentarist.
- Or if you want to do these commentaries, you'll need a MIC to do it yourself.


First of all you must got stuff to use to create your own samples to use as commentary.

Exist two ways to do that:

1. Easy Way.
- Do yourself (or maybe with a friend, use your mind) recording with a MIC into your PC.

2. Hard Way
- Recording from TV (or Radio) the guys that you like to hear doing the commentaries.

In the Hard Way you'll need to record MANY full matches, REALLY MANY! Because you'll need many types of each thing to put at your SWOS, or will always be the same when the ball crashed on the post for exemple.

In one match is impossible to have more than 13 different substitutions or red cards. So you'll need to record MANY matches to your hard disk.

In both ways the recording and editing anything MUST BE in WAV format (22khz/8bits/Mono).
This is VERY IMPORTANT or will not work.

Save a BIG area of your HD to store all these files and Create Sub-directories by type of sample, you can use these names:

   Directory    Sub-Directories

Goals Goals Scored Penalties Own Goals
Near Goals Near misses On the Post Missed Penalties
Keeper Saves by the Keeper Claimed By The Keeper Saved Penalties
Freeze Adjusting Tactics Player Substituted Throw In Corners
Foul Fouls Penalties Yellow Card Sending Offs
Commentary Good Passes Good Play End Game Comments Others

To record from TV you'll need a stereo cable to link your TV (Phone output) to your computer soundboard (Line-in). I really not recomend to use Mono cables and recording via Mic In at your computer, doesn't matter if your TV isn't stereo anyway, also works anyway but could have more noise.

After that you need to choose a TV volume to be used to record all the matches that you gonna record, write that in some place but can't forget that volume. This volume you must choose not too high to start to make bad noise, not too low to be almost unaudible.

The best way to choose the TV's volume is compare to an original sample what your record from TV, and try to ajust the TV until reach the similar volume of the original sample. So you'll not have any problems after when your are playing. Remember that change volume on the WAV file lose quality!

After Record each match, start to listen the WAV file recorded selecting the things that you like and create new WAV files (IN THE SAME FORMAT OF COURSE!) and save them at the Sub-Directories. Of course you can delete the big source WAV file after that.

Use the "Others" Sub-Directory to store all other commentary that you liked that don't enter in any other Sub-Directory. Maybe you can use them in one of these for fun.

So start doing that until you think that already have enough sounds to do your job. I recomend get at least 30 sounds to each Sub-Directory. Of course the number vary for each sub-directory, since you only need 4 "Throw In", 8 is already a cool number of sounds to choose after the 4 better sounds.

Changing CD Sounds


All think that what you need to do now is save these files as RAW (8bits/22khz/Mono) in exactly file names that will work, but this is unfortunately wrong.

In anywhere that you look on the internet you will find that is impossible to change the sound files on the CD, when the match load the CD to start is aborted with overflow, and that's why they say is "impossible", because if you only save as the same name and format will NOT work, you will need to do more to work fine.

After many tries I found how this work in SWOS:

This pic is the Allocated Memory by SWOS and how works. Each colored squared ilustrated the commentary samples, so we have 4 samples on this exemple.

The points above indicates where each commentary starts to the game.

When the match is loaded the PC read the CD-ROM and put all samples on the memory and not read more the CD accross the match.

But if you substitute the Yellow Sample for exemple for another bigger sample this will make an Overflow and the game will abort. See the Pic on the right.

And you think: "So is easy, only we need to do smaller samples!" You are wrong! I thought that too, but unfortunately this not work because the upside points that I discovered after.

Look the pic on the left, I substitute the Yellow Sample now for a Smaller sample. Cool, the match will load and works fine until the end and still left a space in memory (black) to the game do something else. Ok, that game Run and you can play, but the samples will not work fine.

You will pay attention on the samples and you'll see that all sounds before where you changed still working fine, but after that point will not working good anymore.

But Why????

Because that Dammed Points! So how the game use that points?
When he put all samples on the memory, is like one big sound file that he access that TIME Point in miliseconds and stop on the next one.

So if you make that on the Yellow Sample, to the game the sample is STILL between point 03 and 04, that's why doesn't work fine. The sample start good, but short after the sample end, start to play the next sample, the Green Sample on this exemple and stops on the middle.

So all other samples after the sample that you changed gonna be a unaudible crap.
(They are put in the memory in alphabeticaly order of his filenames)

So how to fix that problem?

Record a file with exact miliseconds and exact length is impossible, so forget.

What you need to do is open the original sample and search in your samples one that is at least 1 miliseconds small than the original.

Of course you can edit/cut your samples to fit on that space. You can also change the time of your samples to be more fast and can fit into the tempo that you need to put inside the original file.

After find/create a sound equivalent to replace the original, copy the new sample, click on the time 0,000 on the original sample and paste AS SPECIAL and choose CROSSFADE or anything similar at your sound editor. So put the original file volume as 0% and the new one as 100%, so will mix the new WAV upside the old sound and will not change the time or length of the file.

If you choose only paste, the sounds editor will insert the new sound on the beginning of the original file, and this isn't what we want.

Now you can use smaller samples to replace biggers, only that you need to do is MUTE the rest of the WAV. Please DO NOT CUT, or will change the length/time of the file and fuck all the samples after this one.

Is a hard and slow work, but if you do exact what is here will work fine without any overflow or crap samples.

A CD-RW is VERY RECOMMENDED because you will need to test what you are doing, and recording anything together and test only after all, you will never found what's wrong if something went bad. So I recommend to record at a CDRW midia ONLY one sub-directory per time, test over and over, and after be approved go to the other sub-directory and goes on.

So if happens any problems like a bad time execution of the samples or maybe the game not load, you know that one (or more) of these files that you last recorded from that sub-directory have problems, and you only need to search for errors in these files, not on all files.

So without a CD-RW, you can't do that aside burn lots and lots of CDRs that will gone to the trash after the end of the job if you use only a CD-R. So that's why a CD-RW is very useful to this job. And of course without a CD-R you can't change the CD sounds.

CD Sounds

1. M158_1_.raw = "What a goal"
2. M158_2_.raw = "Fantastic goal"
3. M158_3_.raw = "Superb strike"
4. M158_4_.raw = "It's in the net"
5. M158_5_.raw = "GOAL"
6. M158_7_.raw = "It's in the back of the net"
On the Post

1. M10_f_.raw = "The woodwork saved them on that occasion"
2. M10_g_.raw = "Keeper beaten but it's off the woodwork"
3. M10_h_.raw = "Oooor Crash off the post"
4. M10_i_.raw = "Smack it's hit the bar"
5. M10_s_.raw = "It's in, No it's hit the woodwork"
6. M10_t_.raw = "Has to be, It's off the post"
7. M10_u_.raw = "It must be, It's off the bar"
Near misses

1. M10_d_.raw = "Oooooo desperately close"
2. M10_e_.raw = "Ooooo only a lick of paint away there"
3. M10_j_.raw = "Inches wide, only inches"
4. M10_k_.raw = "Ooooooo What a shot that was"
5. M10_r_.raw = "He's hit the woodwork"
Own Goals

1. M158_p_.raw = "What on earth was he thinking of"
2. M158_q_.raw = "It's a full moon, Balloons are out"
3. M158_s_.raw = "O.G, What a terrible mistake"
4. M158_t_.raw = "Oh No"
5. M158_x_.raw = "What a ridiculously soft goal to concede"
6. M158_y_.raw = "Oh so silly, Oh so soft"
Claimed By The Keeper

M313_6_.raw = "That's well claimed by the keeper"
M313_8_.raw = "Keeper's come, he's got it"
M313_9_.raw = "Well claimed"
M313_c_.raw = "Good hands, Good hands"
M313_d_.raw = "Ahh great hands there"
M313_g_.raw = "Keeper's up"
Saves by the Keeper

M196_w_.raw = "Oh what agility"
M196_x_.raw = "Great save the keeper"
M196_z_.raw = "That was a fantastic save"
M233_1_.raw = "Oh magnificent stop by the keeper"
M313_7_.raw = "Ahh good goalkeeping"
M313_a_.raw = "Superb save"
M313_b_.raw = "Oh what a great stop"
M313_h_.raw = "Keepers ball"
M313_e_.raw = "A good goal keeper fills the team with confidence" (speeded up)

1. M196_k_.raw = "Penalty"
2. M196_l_.raw = "Oooooh It's a penalty"
3. M196_m_.raw = "Penalty ref"
4. M196_n_.raw = "A penalty a great chance to score"
Scored Penalties

1. M233_7_.raw = "One against one from twelve yards, superbly placed"
2. M233_8_.raw = "Aoor superbly placed"
3. M233_9_.raw = "No question it's in"
4. M233_c_.raw = "Oh the ice men comet"
Missed Penalties

1. M233_2_.raw = "No bottle there what so ever"
2. M233_4_.raw = "His bottle went there"
3. M233_5_.raw = "Oh No he's missed it"
4. M233_6_.raw = "One against one from twelve yards, he's missed it"
Saved Penalties

1. M196_t_.raw = "It's Saved"
2. M196_u_.raw = "The penalty's saved"
3. M196_v_.raw = "He's saved it"
Good Passes

1. M313_i_.raw = "That's played nicely to feet"
2. M313_j_.raw = "Ahh superb ball there"
3. M313_o_.raw = "That's a lovely pass"
Good Play

1. M349_4_.raw = "Well played"
2. M349_7_.raw = "Well won"
3. M349_8_.raw = "Ooorr great determination in there"
4. M349_e_.raw = "That's a great tackle"
5. M365_1_.raw = "Well in there"

1. M158_z_.raw = "Referee"
2. M195.raw = "That's a terrible tackle"
3. M196_1_.raw = "Ooooo What a dreadful foul that was"
4. M196_2_.raw = "He'll be lucky to stay on the pitch after that one"
5. M196_4_.raw = "You could say that challenge was a bit over the top"
6. M196_6_.raw = "Free kick there"
7. M196_7_.raw = "Ooor that's a definite free kick"
Good Jumping Headers

1. M33_2_.raw = "That's a super spring"
2. M33_3_.raw = "Nice jump"
3. M33_4_.raw = "He's up, He's got it"
4. M33_5_.raw = "Well Reached"
5. M33_6_.raw = "He's up for it, well met as well"
6. M33_8_.raw = "He's got his head to it"
7. M33_a_.raw = "Ooo He's up for it"
8. M33_b_.raw = "Superb header"
Referee Comment

26. M158_.raw = "Referee where are your glasses"

Changing HD Sounds


Many guys around the world already made it with success, but I found some errors in all info around the SWOS sites.

Now you can simply save all your samples as the same name and format of the original files of your HD, you can do they smaller or bigger than the original, the truth is that you can make it until 3 times bigger than the original. But have some limitations.

Look the black 100% free Buffer below:


Exist one to each type of sounds, one to use all Substitutes sounds, other to Red Cards, etc. Each one have a good size to storage all original sound files, I think that all have the same length but I'll never know if this is really true.

Anyway, this work on this way:

For exemple, all the Yellow Cards sounds have 10k of length. And we have 13 Yellow Cards sounds. So our buffer is around 130k (at least). You can change one of the files to a 100k for exemple. So this is what happens:

You are playing and receive a Yellow Card, he load one sample to the buffer, this sample have 10k. So we have on the buffer now.


Ok, works fine and still playing and the other player received a Yellow Card too, so he load your new big sample with 100k and will work too. Now our buffer is like this.


So happened another Yellow Card now, but repeat your last big 100k sample and still works? Why? Because he already on the buffer and don't need to be loaded again. And you think "Is fine! My New Sample Works Fine!", but unfortunately you are wrong!

So you received more 2 Yellow Cards and the game loaded more 2 sounds with 10k each to the buffer that seams like this now.


And unfortunately if someone receive any other Yellow Card that the sound wasn't loaded before will try to allocate on the buffer and the game will abort with Overflow like on the CD files.

For lucky all buffers are bigger than what he needs to load the original sounds, so you can do bigger samples. But I REALLY recommend do NOT do any sample with more than 100k, but of course one or two will work fine, depends of course of the type of the sound that you will replace.

HD Sounds
Adjusting Tactics

1. M10_5_.raw = "Looks like a tactical switch"
2. M10_7_.raw = "It'll be interesting to see how this change effects the team"
3. M10_8_.raw = "It'll be interesting to see how this changes things now"
4. M10_9_.raw = "Lets hope that the team can settle into this new formation quickly"
5. M10_a_.raw = "I wonder how quickly it's going to take them to settle into this new formation"
6. M10_b_.raw = "Slight shuffle in positions for the team"
Player Substituted

1. M233_j_.raw = "Yer the boy done good"
2. M233_k_.raw = "Ahh but the boy done good"
3. M233_l_.raw = "The lad deserves a round of applause doesn't he"
4. M233_m_.raw = "Yer the lad deserves a round of applause, done well"
5. M10_3_.raw = "Perhaps a fresh pair of legs will inject new life into the team now"
6. M10_4_.raw = "Perhaps they need a fresh pair of legs on now"
Throw In

1. M406_8_.raw = "Throw in then"
2. M406_9_.raw = "Now come on, let's get things going with the throw"
3. M406_3_.raw = "This is going to be a short one"
4. M406_7_.raw = "Here he is then with the throw"

1. M10_v_.raw = "It's gone out for a corner"
2. M10_w_.raw = "That's a corner"
3. M10_x_.raw = "Ooooooo corner"
4. M10_y_.raw = "Now this could be dangerous"
5. M10_z_.raw = "Everyone's up into the penalty area"
6. M313_1_.raw = "There sending the big men forward now"
7. M313_2_.raw = "Will it be a near post corner"
8. M313_3_.raw = "Will it be a far post corner now"
Yellow Card

1. M443_7_.raw = "That's a yellow card I don't think he can complain about that at all"
2. M443_8_.raw = "Has to be a yellow there"
3. M443_9_.raw = "Oh he's got to be booked for that"
4. M443_a_.raw = "He's been booked he's a little bit unlucky"
5. M443_b_.raw = "That's a caution from the referee"
6. M443_c_.raw = "I think the referee's going to book him here"
7. M443_d_.raw = "The referee, I think will book him"
8. M443_e_.raw = "That looks like a booking to me"
9. M443_f_.raw = "Oh that's a bookable offence"
10. M443_g_.raw = "Well he's in trouble here, it could only be a booking"
11. M443_h_.raw = "He's in trouble with the referee, it could just be yellow"
12. M443_i_.raw = "Well he was very luck just to get away with just a yellow card and a booking"
13. M443_j_.raw = "Yellow card ? He should have been off ref"
Sending Offs

1. M196_8_.raw = "He's seen red he's off"
2. M196_9_.raw = "I'm afraid he got what he deserved"
3. M196_a_.raw = "Ohh he had to go referee had no option"
4. M196_b_.raw = "The referee had no choice but to send him off"
5. M196_c_.raw = "That's a terrible decision by the referee"
6. M196_d_.raw = "Terrible decision by the ref"
7. M196_e_.raw = "It's an early bath for him"
8. M196_f_.raw = "That's the long walk to the early bath"
9. M196_g_.raw = "He sees red, he'll see the taps, it's an early bath"
10. M196_h_.raw = "Sending off, that'll surely effect the outcome of this one"
11. M196_i_.raw = "I wonder if this will effect the outcome of the game"
12. M196_j_.raw = "Football's a mans game"
End Game Comments

1. M406_f_.raw = "The full time whistle blows, it's been so close"
2. M406_g_.raw = "That's the full time whistle, oh so close"
3. M406_h_.raw = "The full time whistle blows, it's been a complete rout"
4. M406_i_.raw = "The full time whistle goes, it's been a cracker"
5. M406_j_.raw = "Oh what a sensational game, as the referee blows the final whistle"

So that's all the information that I spent almost 2 months to learn and with that I made the SWOS BRASIL 2.0 CD with all comments by the most famous brazilian commentarist. This really works, and all my work really worth because the final result was fantastic!

Good Lucky!
And may the SWOS be with you. : )

Freddy Hajas @ SWOS BRASIL